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                                  Listen to us every Wednesday 1PM - 2PM E.S.T. at                                 

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                                          NOW ALSO ON 106.1 FM & 104.3 FM


Tampa Bay Chefs Association and Custom Culinary® Announce Co-Sponsorship of Chef’s Recipe Contest

The Tampa chapter of the American Culinary Federation in partnership with Custom Culinary® will sponsor an open culinary competition to be held on Saturday, January 20, 2018 at the Silo Event Center located at 9036 Brittany Way Tampa, FL 33619.

  • The Challenge: Present 4 small plate-appetizer portions in 1 hour (3 for tasting plates & 1 for photo).
  • Entry Fee: $25 payable to ACF Tampa Bay. Mail check to: 8450 White Poplar Dr. Riverview, FL 33578
  • Deadline: Email recipes entries and questions of kitchen/venue to Vanessa Marquis at or 813-922-1624 by January 12, 2018.

For Custom Culinary® samples prior to event, please reach out to

Rick Eppers at or 813-404-0021

Recipe Contest Rules:

  • You create the recipe! 4 portions, to be restaurant-applicable in today’s marketplace, functional regarding food cost practicality.
  • Provide a written recipe with your application. You must bring your own equipment, food, and plates.
  • Request products from Custom Culinary® ahead of time or some products will be on site. Mise en place may be done, but raw food must come in and must cook on site.
  • You will have 1 hour to prepare & present. Presentation must include the use of two (2) Custom Culinary® products and one must be uncooked, options include aioli-pesto, remoulade or flavored mayonnaise. Links for products will be provided once you register.
  • You will be in a commercial kitchen in the Tampa/Brandon area. Scheduling is first-come, first-booked time slot from 8:00am to 4:00pm. We can accommodate several competitors at one time.
  • If you need to bring specific equipment, please confirm we have the power source (plug-in) you need to operate it. Judging is by a panel of 3 professional judges. Results and award ceremony will follow immediately & will be posted online at ACF Tampa Bay Chapter.
  • Custom Culinary® products available: Gold Label, True Foundations™, Master’s Touch® Bases and Flavor Concentrates. This contest is open to non-ACF members/chefs and ACF members/chefs.

Prizes for First through Fourth Place:

  • 1st. Place: $750
  • 2nd. Place: $500
  • 3rd. Place: $250
  • 4th. Place: $100

Gary Puckett and Dwight Icenhower was on the 12/06/17 weeks show!!

Executive Chef and Owner of The Rolling Pin Kitchen Emporium will be in Studio Wednesday 11/15/17 for our annual TURKEY HOT LINE SHOW. 1-2PM E.S.T. 727-441-3000 call in. 

    The "Love Chef" Francis Anthony was in studio on 11/01/17.

111111 Sal from Farm Fresh Produce  will be in Studio this week

Chef Joe Hlavacka - Culinary Instructor of Pinellas Technical College -  will be in studio for the 05/24/17 week's show

111Kate Krader of Bloomberg Pursuits was on the 05/17/17 weeks show.

  11   US War Dogs


Celebrity Chef "Johnny Ciao - The Culinary Rocker"


  Kate Krader of Bloomberg Pursuits was on the 04/13/17 weeks show.


Chef Michael Thrash will be on studio for our annual "TURKEY HOTLINE SHOW" 11/23/1611 


    WORLD FAMOUS CELEBRITY Francis Anthony "The Love Chef" was in Studio for the 10/26/16 week's show



Phil Wills of "Spirits in Motion" and appears on "Bar Rescue" will be the 10/19/16 week's show!!


     11 Largo Arts Cultural Center's New Logo


Kate Krader from Bloomberg Pursuits was on the 10/12/16 week's show


Don Bellezzo from the Yesterday Beatles tribute (from Las Vegas) will be on this week's show 10/05/16


  Saturday, October 8 at 8pm
This Las Vegas based Beatles show has toured not only in the U.S. but internationally on five different continents

including seven tours of Japan, dozens more to Canada, the Philippines, Hong Kong, the Bahamas and U.S. military bases

throughout the world.

They currently have a residency at the Tropicana Las Vegas Resort & Casino, but are making a special trip to Largo, Florida for this special event!

                                                                                111                     1111111

   Kate Krader from Food & Wine was on the 06/29/16 and 08/24/16 week's show

Chef Francis Anthony "The Love Chef" was in studio the week of 06/01/16 and 08/31/16.

     www.thelovechef.c0m Click on Logos to go to website's

  Marko of More Italian Pizza was in Studio on 05/18/16

  Cindy of Take Out Button was in Studio on 05/18/16

Tim Nicholson - Culinary, Marketing and Operations Consultants was in Studio on 05/18/16

Listen to interview CLICK HERE

      Kate Krader from Food & Wine was on the 04/06/16 & 04/27/16 week's show       www.foodandwine.com11                   

1"Chef Flavor" was on the 11/04 week's show


        11Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from Food & Wine will be on the 10/28/15 week's show


           We are PROUD to be Partners with the ACF.


MasterChef's 3rd Runner Up of 2015 Season 6 -  Stephen Lee of Palm Springs, CA was on the 10/14/15 week's show

In Studio will be Kevin Maher of "Shredded Chicken Food Trailer"


MasterChef's  2nd Place finisher "Derrick Peltz" will be on this week's show


1   1 The "Love Chef" will be in Studio for the 09/30/15 week's show                 


                         1Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from Food & Wine was on the 08/26/15 & 09/23/15 week's show


Chef Michael R. Thash C.C. PCII Corporate Chef / Culinary Center was in Studio for the 8/26 week's show.


The "Love Chef" up in N.Y. doing the Kelly and Michael show


111                 Click Here for Video


                                                                                        NATHALIE DUPREE




"MASTERING THE ART OF SOUTHERN VEGETABLES" Rolling Pin is pleased to welcome Nathalie Dupree to the Culinary Center for her ONLY Florida Appearance!

July 24 - 6:30PM & July 25 - 11:00 AM



     1 Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from Food & Wine was on the 06/24/15 weeks show


           Chef Virginia Willis will be on the  03/04/15 show


  1  Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from                 Food & Wine Magazine was on the 02/25/15 show.


    The "Love Chef" Francis Anthony was in Studio on 02/18/15 www.thelovechef.c1


3 Time Memphis TN World Champion


      Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from                 Food & Wine Magazine was on the 12/17/14 show.



                Brady from Brady's BBQ was in studio for the 11/12 week's show.




  The "Love Chef" was in studio the week of 10/08/14!!


The Performers of "Peace of Woodstock" was in studio on 10/01/14 and performed a few songs!!




     Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from Food & Wine Magazine will be on the 07/23/14 show.

Pete Riveria of Rare Earth was on the 07/16/14 weeks show.

Jake (owner) of BurgerMonger was in Studio Wednesday 07/09/14.

Chef Johnny Ciao and Darren Watkins from Frymate an Australian company was on the 05/21/14 week's show.


Chef Vivian Dodson was in Studio on 051414. To listen to her interview Click HERE    

 Celebrity Chef Johnny Ciao was on this week's show.

    Phillip di Belardino - Banfi, Excelsior, VinMotion Wines & 2011 Italian Wine Hall of Fame was on the 10/02/13 weeks show.

Congratulations to Chef Rene Marquis for WINNING CutThroat Kitchen!! He will be in studio the week on 09/24/13


    Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from Food & Wine Magazine was on the 09/17/13 show.

Chef Rene Marquis was in studio the week of 09/17/13.

    Chef Rene Marquis Cutthroat Preview Click HERE

                                                                                                  WFLA Daytime TV Appearience Click HERE

  About the Show
Just how far is a chef willing to go to win a cooking competition? Cutthroat Kitchen hands four chefs each $25,000 and the opportunity to spend that money on helping themselves or sabotaging their competitors. Ingredients will be thieved, utensils destroyed and valuable time on the clock lost when the chefs compete to cook delicious dishes while also having to outplot the competition. With Alton Brown as the devilish provocateur, nothing is out of bounds when money changes hands and we see just how far chefs will go to ensure they have the winning dish.

MSG Rene Marquis a native from Lewiston Maine who lives in the Tampa Bay area and serves at MacDill AFB for over 7 years is going to be on a new "wild" series on Food Network that premiers tonight at 10 Pm and the actual airing date of his show will be Sept 22, 2013 at 10 PM.

 Rene's Air Date
   Actual Show

    Restaurant Editor Kate Krader from Food & Wine Magazine was on the 07/31/13 show.

    Chef Dave west from The Rolling Pin was on the 07/24/13 week's show.


Gary Puckett of Gary Puckett and the Union Gap was on the 06/05/13 week's show to talk about the Happy Together Tour 2013 on 06/14/13. 

   Celebrity Chef Johnny Ciao was in studio for the 05/22/13 week's show.


 Bravo's Top Chef Season 9 Finalis

CHEF Lindsay Autry  was on the 04/24/13 show and will be at The Rollin Pin Kitchen Emporium May 16 & May 17, 2013  

Call ( 813)- 653-2418 for info



Tom Garrett of the Classics IV was on the 02/06/13 weeks show.



Saturday, February 9 at 8pm

One of the most popular and influential groups of the 60s and 70s, The Classics IV have 13 consecutive chart singles to their credit. Their gold records include: Spooky, Stormy, Traces of Love and Everyday With You Girl. in 1993, The Classics IV were honored for their musical achievements by the State of Georgia and were included into the Georgia Music Hall of Fame.

Box Office (727)587-6793

Salvatore from Smokin' Salamander was in studio the week of 01/23/13.

"The Love Chef" Francis Anthony was in studio for the 01/16/13 week's show.